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Looking for disposable sensors? Trying to find a surface EMG based subluxation station? NeuroDyne Medical Corporation manufactures surface EMG & Autonomic Nervous System Monitoring products, such as, Skin Temperature, Respiration, Electro-dermal Activity, Peripheral Blood Flow, EKG, EEG , Stand Alone and Computerized instruments for Clinic and Home Care use. NeuroDyne also presents & sponsors a series of seminars and courses in Autonomic Nervous System, Physiological Monitoring and Biofeedback.

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NeuScan™ static EMG scan software
{NeuScan™ Software} c

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NeuScan™ provides static sEMG scan of the Spine. Software is visually oriented to provide feedback to your patients. Try out NeuScan™ free for 15 days.

Circular sEMG Disposable Electrode
{Circular sEMG Disposable Electrode} c

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Dry circular silver sEMG electrode for NeuroDyne's Active Electrode.


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