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A Website is necessary for every Business today, about 40% of Chiropractors have a website. Yahoo Statistics show that over 175,000 Patients perform Internet search for a Chiropractor near their home every month.

Do you want professional web design at a low cost? NeuroNet Web Design can help. We can design a whole new site or update your existing site for a low price.

But why don't I just do it myself? There are hundreds of HTML editors and web tools out there. It should be easy.

The answer to that question depends on how professional you want your site to be, how much do you want to spend, how long would you like to wait. The development tools needed (graphics editor, HTML editor, etc) will cost you at least $1000 dollars.  A book on how to use the development tools is very useful as well as maybe an online course to enhance your knowledge on the tools. Then, if you want CGI/Perl scripts and JAVA, there goes about $100 in books and more money in courses. Of course, you need to get a book on site design and what "beginner"  mistakes not to do.

Finally, after several months and thousands of dollars later, you're finally ready to begin designing your "professional-looking" site. Although we may have exaggerated a bit on some things, it shows that you need to spend a lot of time and money before you can design and build your own site


Let us at NeuroNet build your site while you concentrate on what message you want your site to deliver.  We'll handle the art and science of how to place your message to the world.

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